Wednesday, July 13, 2011


...was such a  great day! It started off as a bust - bladder pain, morning catheterization and lidocaine instillation - but quickly turned around.

The weather was beautiful.

The boys I nanny were on their best behavior.

Clo was in a good mood (she must have gotten enough sleep!)

We all hung out at the pool and park for hours.

Then I got to come home, relax, and have the pint of Guinness that I had been thinking about all day.

well hello there, my delicious friend!

It's the little things.

What a great day =)


  1. I love great days and I'm so glad you had one! You deserve it!


  2. thanks angel! hope you had a fabulous day as well =)


  3. a pint of Guinness can improve any day. It was very pretty out yesterday, got a chance to enjoy some lunch under a tree with my wife on her lunch break.

    glad you had a good one.

  4. Dude. You are hardcore. I would have still been whining in pain in bed.