Sunday, July 10, 2011

Throw this dog a Nylabone

In case you didn't know, I have three dogs.


One is a pit mix, one is a american bulldog/dane, and the last is a st. bernard.  These dogs go through rawhide bones like nobody's business.  We literally would buy 10-12 each week, and they would be gone in a day or two.  Each dog can chew through an extra large rawhide bone in a matter of minutes.

I figured this cannot be good for their digestive systems, so we went ahead and bought a Nylabone to see how it would fare with our shark toothed canines. I think we bought the extra-large, indestructible one. It was less than $10.

Marilyn tries to steal the Nylabone from Clyde

That was about 2 months ago.

And the bone still exists.

The best part? Other than the fact that I don't have to fork over $10-20 each WEEK for rawhide? (Yes, that IS a minimal savings of $80 in 2 months.) As the bone gets chewed, little bristles raise up on the surface of the Nylabone, and actually clean your dog's teeth.

And our dogs LOVE them.  We now have one for each dog, and the bones are almost completely intact.  They chew on them daily.  ALL DAY, actually, and the bones show very little sign of wear and tear.

I have to say, I am truly a convert.


***I have not been asked to write this post, nor have I been compensated in any way. I love my dogs and wanted to share this awesome product with you!***


  1. Oooh we have 3 big dogs, not as big as yours, but they LOVE treats and rawhide. Where can I find these??

  2. Miss- your dogs will love them! You can find them practically everywhere! I think we bought the first at Walmart and the second at Petsmart. Let me know how your pups enjoy them!

  3. Oh, I need to try one of these. I've always seen then but never knew anythin about them. Thank for the info!

  4. agirlnamedmel - welcome! you have to try one. you (and your dogs) will be hooked!

  5. Like I said in the comment that never appeared. I need one of those!