Saturday, June 18, 2011

remember that episode...

....of South Park where everybody eventually buys hybrid cars and become so full of themselves and self righteous, they start sniffing their own farts because they smell soooooo good?

Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by people like that. Not in real life. But in the blogging/tweeting world. What can possibly make a person feel and BELIEVE they are so much better than others around them? How to people fall for this and start following them...believing them...believing IN them? They become minions in the hopes that one day they can attain something close to the same level of popularity.

I call it the circle jerk theory. (well, a friend really coined the term, but i'm stealing it as my own.)
it kind of goes like this:

Fart sniffer 1: omg i am SO awesome!

FS 2: omg yes you are!

FS 1: omg thanks! YOU are awesome, too!

FS 2: you are AWESOME for saying that!

FS 3: you are BOTH awesome! look how awesome they are, everybody!!! *takes deep sniff*

and so on, and so forth.

I haven't been able to read blogs or my twitter stream lately because it is full of SMUG.

SMUG is polluting my stream. It is choking out all the worthwhile conversation and bits of information, and I really can't take it anymore.

And then comes KLOUT.  Really? I start getting friend requests up the ass because having more followers increases your KLOUT score. You aren't my friend. You don't even want to pretend to be my friend. But you want me as your follower because I BOOST your numbers. I add to your KLOUT.

Yes, I have to type KLOUT in caps b/c it just annoys me THAT much.

How successful are you in your own little world? How much influence do YOU have?

What all of this boils down to is: HOW POPULAR ARE YOU??????

And that, my friends, is the crux of this post.  Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIn, whatever...has turned into THE biggest sham of a popularity contest circle jerk that I have ever seen.

I have a few close friends.  They tell me the truth. And my input means something to them. I'm not just a number. I'm not just a KLOUT score.

And I sure as hell am not going to start sniffing my own farts anytime soon.


  1. What a smart friend you have...

    Well, at least what a smart ASS friend you wise in her circle jerkness...

    And I will know when you fart...but to call you out on it and let you know how BADLY it smells.


  2. As long as you don't dutch oven me, we'll always be cool.
    I like to refer to myself as happily unpopular...and I think I'll keep it that way.

  3. damn straight. (i blame the beans)

  4. jenn: i make no promises.

    btw: YOU. ARE. AWESOME!



  5. I agree 100%. And when I look at the content the "klouters" have, I just don't get it. Why does anyone care?

    I have a blog friend who believes that if she comments enough on certain klouty blogs the klouty blogger will fall in love with her and start reading her blog and start linking to it and then she will be klouty too. But her blog is awful and no one reads it for a reason.

    I like your blog a lot. And you a lot. I'm not going to blogher this year because it's too far away and I don't have enough time, but I really liked meeting you there and seeing your face in the crowd now and then.

  6. Lora - thank you for the wonderful compliment. =) It kind of made my morning (in a totally NON fart sniffing kind of way).


  7. glad to have made your morning! x's and o's to you too

  8. Right there with you on this. It's part of why I stopped posting for awhile. I felt like blogging had turned into such a ridiculous popularity contest and I wasn't one of the cool blogs so why bother. Until I remembered how much I enjoyed it and got over not having the KLOUT.

  9. Sourire11 - i admit, i'm horrible at keeping up with other people's blogs, but of the ones i do read? straight up honesty and passion are what keeps me coming back.