Friday, June 24, 2011

gross comparison of things unrelated:

SOMEONE recently posted about weight issues, and I myself take issue with their last blog entry.
In the post, they seemingly compare being overweight with being gay.

Come on now.  Are you REALLY going to make this comparison? Are you REALLY going to say that being overweight is not at all a choice, just like being gay is not a choice?

Because I just don't buy that.

I have struggled with weight issues ever since my hysterectomy, and have done pretty much everything possible to lose the pounds put on due to hormones and inactivity.  I diet, I exercise, I changed up my meds. But still, the weight stays on.  It isn't my fault, right?  How can I be responsible for something which is so out of my control such as my body chemistry.  I can't just TURN IT ON AND OFF, can I?


But guess what?  I can exercise MORE.  I can eat even healthier.  I can see a nutritionist, personal trainer, dietician.  There are so many things that I CAN do, but that I'm TOO lazy to do.

And I own it.  I own that laziness.

But don't sit there and compare being overweight to being gay.  I can't eat healthier and lose a little gay.  Exercise more and drop a few pounds of gayness.  THERE AREN'T DOCTORS OUT THERE WHO SPECIALIZE IN TREATING HOMOSEXUALITY.

How dare you.

Your blog may be YOUR space, but it damn well does NOT give you the right to spout out ignorant statements like this.

Shame on you.


  1. Oof, indeed. Totally out of line.

  2. There are in fact doctors that specialize in treatment of gays... I think the technical term is *QUACK*

    Sometimes weight is what you do, sometimes its who you are. Same goes for being gay. (ive known people who have chosen, ive also known people who simply are...both)