Sunday, November 7, 2010

part of the cool kids club

since when did being an anxiety ridden mess become cool?

since when was it "the in thing" to be on meds?

who came up with "xanax o'clock"?

it just kills me that this in the new, hip thing.

first everybody was a drunk.

now everybody is on meds.

especially xanax.

i would like some of you to know what it is like to  be an alcoholic.

i would like to share with you how anxiety ruins your life.

and oooooh we're mixing our meds!

with drinks!

aren't we cool?!


get over yourselves.


  1. I don't know if it's an attempt to lighten things or what. I can't help but wonder if this playful, joking, almost cavalier attitude towards medications isn't making anxiety and/or mental health disorders seem unimportant - like "it's JUST depression: you just need to be HAAAAAPPY." It belittles what can be very serious issues, and possibly contributes to some people's notions that these are... exaggerated maladies that are "made up."

    Or, uh, I could just be completely projecting my own issues on your blog post... *shifty eyes*

  2. I take Xanax on an as-need basis. Some weeks I simply don't need it. Some weeks my brain will not shut off (my mom has lung cancer & this is what was keeping me up at night). I never take Xanax within 24 hours of alcohol. In fact, I was so anxiety-ridden about taking anti-anxiety pills, I didn't touch them for the 1st week.
    I talked to friends in the know, and they made me feel less stigmatized about the whole thing. So if I casually mention something on Twitter, it's really just my way of being human and if someone else is having anxiety about using Xanax, maybe I'll be the one they approach, yanno?
    We all cope differently - and what you perceive as someone being nonchalant about prescription drugs, might actually be them expressing their nervousness about it. That's just my take.

  3. I take Ativan for my panic attacks that I have while I am in public. I took one in the company another mother and she called it mommy's little helper. Ummm no. I have a fear that my children will be kidnapped and this fear makes it hard for me to go in public with them. I wish I didn't have to take this med. I do not take it to get high or make my kids less crazy to me.

  4. Amen to this.
    Anti anxiety meds have become a status symbol. Washing them down with a drink has become a fad.

    People have real anxiety problems and they do need medication. But the more I look around, the more I feel that people who really need them are in the minority of those who are taking them.

    I've stopped hanging out with some of my (highly successful/doctor/lawyer/indian chief) friends because they bring a Xanax or Ativan to the bar with them so they can "relax and have a good time". And worse, sometimes they'll bring a handful to share with people who don't have a prescription. You can buy anti-anxiety pills from drug dealers all over the place. I've seen people crush and snort them.

    This is beyond making a joke before you take a pill that helps you cope.

    This is an addiction.

    Just like some people need morphine-derivatives to help with chronic pain but lots of people abuse them and people take Ritalin and Adderal because it makes them feel good, the same is happening with anti- anxiety pills. It's scary.

    And scarier is the willingness of family practitioners and mental health therapists to dole out a prescription to anyone who asks.

  5. also, you can die if you mix anti-anxiety meds with alcohol. Your heart and lungs can relax to the point of stopping.

  6. i sign autographs in wine colored pen while popping xany. it's what the hipsters do.

  7. Yes. Meds are the new black.
    That makes me fairly happy to be boring and uncool.

  8. I think it's because there is an obvious correlation between anxiety disorders and the people that exist "on line". So yes, it even exists in the group of 'cool kids'. :)

    And hey, I know how you've struggled and you are the coolest. :)

  9. lol to "meds are the new black"


  10. I am also boring and uncool.

    But I still love pretending that my nerdiness is totally HAWT.

  11. I feel so, so lucky that I have never had Xanax.
    I was on Prozac for over a year in college--dad was dying, boyfriend sucked. Fortunately I was able to taper and quit after awhile.
    When I first when to the doc with this, I was given Paxil, because I had experienced anxiety over OMG which parking space should I choose. Really. But it made me too pax. [This was late 90s.]

    Read your post just now about going off your meds. All those symptoms sound horrifying. I'm so sorry that you're going through all that. I hope that learning to feel again can smooth out and be better, and that you are rewarded, soon, with happy feelings as well as the bad. Peace. *hugs*