Friday, June 25, 2010

When your skin is convinced you are still 13

I have met so many people

adult people

who complain about having problem skin.

I never really had acne or pimples or blemishes or zits

or whatever you want to call it

until I WAS an adult.

Sucks to be me.

I've made it my life's mission

(when I feel like it)

to find products that really DO help my skin.

I've actually found a couple that I'd like to share, since we pizza faced grown-ups need to stick together.

*no I am NOT being paid for this post*

Basically, you rub this orange smelling, gel like, sandy goop all over your face to exfoliate (yes, you can DEF feel those little grains doing their job), and then you activate the peel with a dollop of clear gel that you massage onto the orange goop already on your face. Once you mix the two gels, they immediately warm up and make your skin feel all smooth and yummy.
Rinse and you are done!
I honestly noticed a big difference in the softness and lack of breakouts the following day. EVEN with moisturizer, which I can never use.

My skin is either an oil slick or the Sahara desert.

For less than 30 bones, how can you go wrong?

My next post will cover the fabulousness that is Lush

With an entire beauty/skincare line made from natural and ONLY natural ingredients, I could easily spend an entire week's (or month's) salary at their store.


Good luck fighting the good fight

And let me know how these products work out for you!



  1. Ugh I am the exact same way, especially since I stopped taking birth control pills. I guess it's the crazy hormones, but I will definitely give this a try. Thanks!

  2. Same here: I literally had one zit a month when Aunt Flo would visit until I hit 27. Then? SKIN! FROM! HELL! I tried SO many things (actually, what started it was me thinking that, since I was getting "old" (*snort*), I should probably start using "grown up" products. The one that screwed up my skin in the first place? Angels on Bare Skin. hehe I cycled through SO many products, but probably never really gave any of them a chance to work before moving on. I use plain, old Cetaphil now.

  3. Cetaphil is great for a regular stand-by. But I needed something to slough off all this dead yuck that was my face (skin) ;-)

  4. Ugh, with crazy hormones, my skin has been nuts my entire life. The only thing that has ever really helped has been birth control.

    I will definitely give this a shot though! :)

  5. You aren't going to believe me but I this totally works for me:

    1. Exfoliate with table sugar
    2. Moisturize with Emu, Coconut or some other natural single ingredient oil
    3. Wear a Hazelwood necklace and bracelet <------ these ARE amazing and I get mine from:

    The best thing about this regime that took me years and thousands of dollars in mistakes to develop is that it's super simple and cheap, cheap, cheap!!

  6. Ugh, I have always dealth with acne but it got better as i got older. After I had my kids (third one a month ago :) it's been high school bad. I'll have to try your suggestion as I have yet to find a product that works.
    Hope you are doing good. Hugs