Friday, May 7, 2010

mirror mirror...

I've been reflecting a lot on my anxiety lately. Not for any negative reasons, but because of how many people I encounter in real life, through blogging, or twitter, that have the same issues.
There are so many different kinds of anxiety (as well as reasons for it), that it shouldn't be a surprise at the large number of people that I have found with panic attacks or other anxieties.
It is so nice to talk to other people who have experienced the same problems. You feel less alone in dealing with them, you learn new methods of coping with the triggers, and you feel understood.
This got me thinking.
As you all know, BlogHer '10 is coming up in a few months, and "we" will all be converging in one place.
What better time to get a group of "us" together to meet, discuss our anxieties, or just listen to other people's stories.

I already have a few women interested in getting together for this purpose.

If you are also interested in meeting up over drinks (or elsewhere, depending upon the size of the group), please let me know.
If someone you know might be interested, please link them here.
Also, if anybody wants to contact me privately, feel free to email me at:



  1. I really wish I was going. I've met so many amazing people online that I would love to meet in person. I just recently started reading your blog, but you're already so familiar. So sad I'll miss out on meeting you.

  2. Ohh, I'm going...And I expect to meet up and give you a big ol' hug. :)

  3. I will be there. But I hope to meet you soon before blogher

  4. This is a lovely idea! I wish I were going to BlogHer. I kind of hate the rest of you that are going, just a tiny bit. :)