Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mardi and Mike and Michael

Conversation with drugged me the day after my surgery:

Bf: It's Fat Tuesday today.

Me: No wonder I'm in an eating mood.

Conversation with bf while he is sleeping and snoring away:

Me: roll over

Bf: I'm not a dog.

Me: roll over

Bf: I just did (he totally didn't but thought maybe he could trick me?)

Me: snoring!!!

Bf: Where's my wallet?

Me: What?

Bf: I can't find my wallet (he says that one all the time)

Me: roll over



Bf: down there? (pointing to foot of bed)

Me: *snicker*

Me: *finally puts earplugs in*


Bf: you know, you really shouldn't wear earplugs at night. what if an attacker comes to the door?

Hee hee an attacker. Ok totally not funny cuz I had Mike Myers doppelganger lurking around our house and windows the other day. Or is it Michael Myers? Cuz I mean the scary holding the knife one. Not the comedic big grin Wayne's World guy.

He can lurk outside of my door any day.

I have earplugs.

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  1. Ummmm.. creeeepy. If I saw that guy lurking outside my house, I wouldn't need earplugs because I would not be sleeping! Except if it were Austin Powers, he could come in. Yeah baby, YEAH!