Saturday, December 19, 2009

Temper temper

My sweet little girl has turned into something that rivals the main character from the exorcist. Would that be the devil or the little girl possessed by the devil? Either way, it fits.

Not only is she teething up a storm, but she has learned that throwing a tantrum when she can't get what she wants is probably the best solution, as is hitting me. Oh, and the arching of the back thrown in with loud screams and thrashing seems to be a favorite, too.

The absolute BEST part about all this? When I reprimand her by saying a stern "no" ... she just laughs at me. And not just any laugh, a hysterical laugh. I almost feel like she is mocking me.

Maybe she is.

Anyways, I love this almost 1 year old so damn much, not of the temper or teething issues bother me one bit. Even after I reprimand her, and she laughs, I can't help but crack a smile and laugh a little bit myself. =) I know, not the best way to show her that I am serious, but what the heck. She's my kid. I love her to death and can never stay mad at her, even for a second.

I'm thinking this does not bode well for me in the years to come. =P

Can you say softie?

In other news, bf and I decided to get me/us a flip cam this weekend so I can record all of this nonsense (totally not nonsense) and put it up for you to see, and keep it for myself to look back on when I get old and senile. Like next year. =D

K, I made myself write. Job done. I'm going to try and post again this weekend.

Don't hold your breath.


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  1. LOl Livie does this too! If i tell her a stern no she turns around smiles at me and NOW SHE CLAPS too! omg. it's like wtf? what's it gonna take? these girls. *swoons*