Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why I love the Free Clinic

Ok, so it's not THE free's the dental clinic for welfare moms and old people on medicaid. 

Why I love it:

2.5 hours in the waiting room.

Old women who complain about having to register for a DENTAL clinic when they have no teeth.

Same women who tell me they need teeth so they can eat peanuts again.

(We'll call them) SLOW people drooling on me and grabbing at their crotches when I make eye contact with them.

Dirty diarrhea diapers.

And last but CERTAINLY not least...the old man who didn't quite know where he was, or how he got there.


  1. Dooooode. That is... wow...there are no words.
    You must have been all sorts of excited to be there.

  2. you have no idea. this is an old post....but the truth remains the same.

  3. Jeez, this sounds like my work!!! LOL