Monday, October 5, 2009

clique here

you can find my awesome rantings about twitter cliques and bitches over here today as the lovely and talented chef's widow was gracious enough to host my guest post.

comment there... comment here... or hide behind your computer screen and continue to respond only to "the chosen ones."



  1. i totally agree. i feel like if someone takes the time to post to me on there i go out of my way to reply. that's just how i am though!

  2. love you and who's ass needs kicking?

  3. I love you for saying it and for being the awesome person that you are.

    I have thought about this over and over again. For awhile I thought it was me. But it's not. It's them. I am not sure I need to be that cool. Besides, I'm a nearly 30 year old woman, what the fuck do I care about being cool anymore for?

    Dude, so one person, a big name blogger.....who I was once semi-friends with, won't respond back too me on twitter, but she will DM me her response. But she's not following me, so if I then want to respond to her, I have to email her cause I can't DM her back. Is RIDICULUS! Also make me feel *this* small.

  4. That was an direct hit on the nail head, lady! Well done.