Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's better to be scrappy than crappy

I am honored that Danielle-Lee of A Little Left of Lost chose me to receive the Honest Scrap Award.  This is an award that is given for honesty and sincerity in blogging.

It means a lot to me to get this award, as my blog (although sometimes neglected) is my means to vent, express myself, remind myself of things..feelings...emotions.  I put myself out there, no holds barred, for the world (or 36 followers) to read.  

Some may not like what I have to say, and that's ok.  

I say it for me.

10 things you may (or may not) know about me:

1) I am secretly way self-conscious about my front teeth on top.  I think they are very crooked, and therefore will only smile with my lips closed.

2) I have a hard time saying no to people.  I would rather accept the burden than make another person do so.

3) Ever since I had Chloe, I am constantly late.  For everything.  No matter what time I leave the house.

4) I love watching crappy reality tv like The Real Housewives, or The City.

5) My memory is shot.  I can watch a movie one day, but have no recollection of the plot the next day.  Or the actors.  Or the name of the movie...

6) I went to 5 years of college to earn 2 degrees, but am happy working at a job that requires no education.

7) I still don't quite feel like a grown up.

8) I secretly judge people by how they look, even though I say that I don't.

9) I am afraid of falling down stairs and breaking both legs.

10) My family (bf and baby girl) mean the world to me.  The entire world.  And I don't think I could make it without them.

Here are some bloggers that deserve the Honest Scrap Award, too:

Nic @ MyBottlesUp - not only for her rape survivor post, but for everything she writes.

Katie @ Overflowing Brain - for sharing the ups and downs, highs and lows of being a graduate student while dealing with the aftermath of brain surgery in late 2007.

Heather @ The Spohrs are Multiplying - an obvious choice for the most honest blog I have ever read.  It chronicles her life before and after the loss of her sweet daughter, Madeline.

Ali @ My Life with Them - as a mom just returning to work, she lays it all out there, good or bad.  One of my first twitter friends/moms/bloggers.

Lu @ Jaded Perspective - cuz I love her, and you should, too. 

Well, I guess that's a wrap.  Enjoy your day (even though it is Tuesday, the yuckiest day of the week) and try to be honest, today and every day.  Honest with everyone else, but especially honest with yourself.


  1. dammit sara. i hate these things. can i change the name of the award to "honest crap"???

    oh yeah, and thanks.

  2. you don't have to do anything with it. i just wanted to let the world (or my 36 followers) know how amazing i think you are. you deserve it, so suck it up.


  3. *tear* ok, can we talk about butt tylenol some more before i cry.

  4. butt tylenol is pretty much the greatest invention ever.

  5. love this. love you.

    and a few of these on your list apply to me too. xo

  6. Awe thanks Sara, and congrats to you. I feel honored to be listed with those wonderful women and writers. I love you bunches and bunches. *MUAH*

  7. You are so welcome my dear - you very much deserve it!


  8. Thanks Sara. I think you're scrappy too.