Tuesday, July 28, 2009

yeah, another post about how i don't post anymore.  i know i know.  shoot me.

i have been busy with some new things lately, as well as some old:

this past weekend was blogher@home, and i had the most spectacular time with mah ladies.  @PrincessJenn you were and are so very amazing for putting so much time and effort into the whole weekend.  you were there before, during, and after (some of) the co-hosts  you asked to help you with the party.

i am super thankful to have met some of the mommas that i regularly tweet with, and way thankful to have met even more that i didn't.  

my especial...yes especial new friend, @themommytsunami came out from under her rock in order to make an appearance, and we ended up becoming fast friends to the point where we were drunk texting, then talking on the phone, then going to blogher10 together.  that's right - our tickets are bought, bitches!

next, we are looking to buy a house in the very near future.  it is so very hard to find something that we like that the bf's dad agrees with.  he knows all about houses and construction and the like, so is very very picky about what we find.  we had a house that we loved, and were ready to make an offer on it, but the bf dad suggested (my dad did too) for us to lowball them, even though the house was listed below market price.  well, we put in our bid for about 8k less than we had originally planned, and guess what?  we lost the house to a higher bidder!  FMITA.  back to the drawing board.  *sigh*

finally, c lo is teething like CRAZY, so you know what that means: one extremely unhappy baby.  this ends soon, right?  no?  shit.


yup - so i am off this entire week, and so far i have done nothing but carry chloe around and shop for houses.  good times.

at least i have my loves to keep me company (via text and twitter)

lurve yous.



  1. That totally sucks about the house!!! I wish you much luck in finding something else that you love. And it is my mission to get Kristen and I to blogher10. :D

  2. Ok. So, oh holy drunkeness, Batman. I went back and read those texts??? Hello??? What good is spell check? I didn't even get CLOSE on some of those text messages.

    Glad you understood anyway. That's why I luff you. And why we're GOING TO BLOGHER '10 NYC, yeah baby! Yeah!

  3. I really enjoyed getting to see you at blogher@home. I didn't have a cam but I did go to chat three nights in a row.

  4. Nic, you are the frosting to my cupcake. Nothing happens w/o my sweet topping.

  5. I hope your house hunt goes well! It was nice "meeting" you this weekend! Your little one is adorable!

  6. thanks lilfootsmommy =D you are the sweets

  7. *smooches* to you. Thanks for the shout out. I lurves you long time.