Thursday, July 30, 2009

things that make me go hmmm...

Why oh why do realtors or realty companies think that they can get away with totally misrepresenting the homes that they are trying to sell to people?  

I've been looking to buy a house for awhile now, but the search just became a reality when I got my new job.  We can afford to move out of this godforsaken tiny apartment and get a house.  With more than one bedroom.  With storage space.




Praise Jesus (said hey zeus) (and no, I don't pray)

I have decided to go with the whole "capitalization thing" that you people seem to enjoy.  I can't imagine it will last long...

anyways (there I go again, slipping into my old habits), i've been looking at houses.  after doing a lot a lot a lot of research, i call up my awesome super amazing realtor and make plans to see the house.  when i get there, what i *thought* was a nice house is actually a nice house without a roof.  or sometimes a nice roof without a house.  whatever.

yes i am exaggerating but wtf.  you know what i mean.

why in god's name don't people just SAY that the furnace doesn't work on the listing?  or that the roof leaks buckets?  and that the basement has 1/2 inch of standing water?

i *know* the point is to bring potential buyers to the house and make the ad as appealing as possible, but come on.  don't you think i JUUUUSTTT MIIGHHHHTTTT NOTICE that there is said water leaking into the basement?  

why waste my time?  why waste our resources (the mother effing gas i have to put in my car)? why waste the trouble it takes to lug a 6mo around hours upon end, house after house?

thank god (i use that name a lot.  from now on i will say moonpie)...thank moonpie i have a good little girl who is used to coming and going at a moments notice.

and thank moonpie that my realtor is a good sport and arranges to have me look at a million homes, only to set foot in most of them for one second, only to come to the conclusion that yes, this ALSO a one giant piece of crap.

quit playing games with my heart, realty companies.  momma's gotta do work.


  1. I absolutely hate looking at houses AND apartments. Nothing ever fits the vision of what I want. And they usually stink too.

  2. bad situation(s)! maybe you'll find one that is as described and is what you're looking for! maybe? just maybe?! good luck!

  3. sounds like loads of fun. i can't *wait* until the day I too become a homeowner.

    sorry house hunting has been so shitastic. :(

  4. I know right, why isn't honesty everyone's policy? I know it's frustrating, but sometimes you have to see a bunch of rotten peaches to get to the sweetest one. Keep your head up, it will be worth it in the end. LURVES YOU!

  5. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is all.