Wednesday, July 29, 2009

stick it where the sun don't shine

i'm awake - i have been since 7:30.  

for some of you that might not be early.  actually for me it isn't either.  i was just SO looking forward to sleeping in until 9, going to look at a house at 10, and then driving a poop sample up to the lab after.

well, i wasn't looking forward to the poop sample part, but you know what i mean.

oh, did i mention MY BEST EFFING FRIEND OF ALL TIME is home from traveling overseas the past 4 years and i have only seen him once?  for 2 hours?

yeah.  shitty.

not his fault.  mine.  i have so much stuff going on that by the time i am all done with it, i just want to come home and lay in my new king size simmons super pillow-top bed.

jealous yet?

i have yet to see c lo's godmother who has been home from the hospital over a week now.  in my defense, i was waiting to make sure baby girl didn't have any kind of infection or illness before we went and visited lauren, who just got home from almost a month in the hospital w/ 2 bowel surgeries.

chloe's poop samples came back negative so far, which is good, and her diarrhea is much improved, if not gone, so i don't even know what's up.  could she have had a virus for that long?  the diarrhea lasted well over 2 weeks.

i'm at a loss sometimes with this little one.  especially now that she just started teething.  she gets so unhappy.  it makes me so very thankful that she is such a good kid.  i DO NOT know how moms deal with colicky babies who cry for hours, days, weeks, and months on end.

i just don't know that i could do it.

so, to close, i'll "dedicate" this post to all those moms who have had to endure more than most, and who really must have the patience of a saint.

big ups.


  1. I need to sqeeze that face! glad she's doing better, but hoping solid poop is in the near future for you girl :)

  2. Yay for blogging for two days in a row!

    You know, you were telling the story about C lo's godmama and I just 'membered: you were one of the first people I really prayed for from twitter that I didn't know IRL. When you were asking for us to think about and pray for C lo's godmama when she was rushed to emergency surgery.


  3. awww that's so sweet! see? we're karmic like that.