Monday, July 13, 2009

nothing to see here...part deux

i have nothing to report.

ok, i do, but i have little to no time in the day to sit down and type out a whole paragraph.  either that or i am incredibly lazy.  seeing as how my apartment is a mess and i'm watching the home run derby instead of cleaning, let's just say i'm not super motivated right now.

i'm working a new job watching a 4mo.  i really enjoy it, but do miss my other kids a LOT.  like...a whole lot.  but i am making more money, which is great, and i still get to bring baby girl with me.

working this new job provides me with a stable income, which has allowed us to finally decide to start looking into buying a house.  that is really exciting for me, cuz it is one more thing that i never thought i would do in my life.  in case you missed it, the first thing that i never thought would happen was having a kid.  and lo and behold, here is chloe!  i am so glad we decided to make a baby, and i cannot wait to have a house for her with a yard and dogs!

when the hell did i become so domesticated?

we also bought ourselves a new bed.  a king size simmons pillow-top mattress.  i'm so stoked on that, too, cuz i have never, in all my years, owned a new bed.  never.  let's just say that my last bed was passed down from my father, who got it from his parents.  yes, they slept on it, passed it to my dad, who then gave it to me.  the condition of this bed was awful....and i don't even want to think what i might find if i took a black-light to it.  *shudder*

i'm thinking about splurging on new sheets, too.

chloe's reflux has gotten pretty bad again, but the increase in meds seems to be helping for the time being.  i'm hoping this is the end of her troubles.  can't complain, though. if reflux is the worst of her troubles then i am a happy happy momma.

i love my honey so very much, and am still so grateful that i have such an amazing man in my life.  he blows me away each and every day with the amount of love he has for this little girl.

i truly am a lucky girl.



  1. Hooray for a new bed! My husband bought a Sleep Number bed very shortly before we got married. (We were still living apart at the time) so it was mostly new when I moved in :)

  2. Sounds like things are lookin up. Yay for you. Hope the reflux improves

  3. I am so happy for you!!! New beds rock!!!