Friday, July 31, 2009

no title

 Just a post about things that are awesome:

Chloe's diarrhea is 99% gone.

Her reflux is going away on its own.  

She is down to 1/2 tab prevacid daily.  That's it.

She's gaining all kinds of weight since being on the Alimentum.

I have an amazing support network of friends.

I have an amazing boyfriend.

We created the most perfect little girl.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

things that make me go hmmm...

Why oh why do realtors or realty companies think that they can get away with totally misrepresenting the homes that they are trying to sell to people?  

I've been looking to buy a house for awhile now, but the search just became a reality when I got my new job.  We can afford to move out of this godforsaken tiny apartment and get a house.  With more than one bedroom.  With storage space.




Praise Jesus (said hey zeus) (and no, I don't pray)

I have decided to go with the whole "capitalization thing" that you people seem to enjoy.  I can't imagine it will last long...

anyways (there I go again, slipping into my old habits), i've been looking at houses.  after doing a lot a lot a lot of research, i call up my awesome super amazing realtor and make plans to see the house.  when i get there, what i *thought* was a nice house is actually a nice house without a roof.  or sometimes a nice roof without a house.  whatever.

yes i am exaggerating but wtf.  you know what i mean.

why in god's name don't people just SAY that the furnace doesn't work on the listing?  or that the roof leaks buckets?  and that the basement has 1/2 inch of standing water?

i *know* the point is to bring potential buyers to the house and make the ad as appealing as possible, but come on.  don't you think i JUUUUSTTT MIIGHHHHTTTT NOTICE that there is said water leaking into the basement?  

why waste my time?  why waste our resources (the mother effing gas i have to put in my car)? why waste the trouble it takes to lug a 6mo around hours upon end, house after house?

thank god (i use that name a lot.  from now on i will say moonpie)...thank moonpie i have a good little girl who is used to coming and going at a moments notice.

and thank moonpie that my realtor is a good sport and arranges to have me look at a million homes, only to set foot in most of them for one second, only to come to the conclusion that yes, this ALSO a one giant piece of crap.

quit playing games with my heart, realty companies.  momma's gotta do work.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

stick it where the sun don't shine

i'm awake - i have been since 7:30.  

for some of you that might not be early.  actually for me it isn't either.  i was just SO looking forward to sleeping in until 9, going to look at a house at 10, and then driving a poop sample up to the lab after.

well, i wasn't looking forward to the poop sample part, but you know what i mean.

oh, did i mention MY BEST EFFING FRIEND OF ALL TIME is home from traveling overseas the past 4 years and i have only seen him once?  for 2 hours?

yeah.  shitty.

not his fault.  mine.  i have so much stuff going on that by the time i am all done with it, i just want to come home and lay in my new king size simmons super pillow-top bed.

jealous yet?

i have yet to see c lo's godmother who has been home from the hospital over a week now.  in my defense, i was waiting to make sure baby girl didn't have any kind of infection or illness before we went and visited lauren, who just got home from almost a month in the hospital w/ 2 bowel surgeries.

chloe's poop samples came back negative so far, which is good, and her diarrhea is much improved, if not gone, so i don't even know what's up.  could she have had a virus for that long?  the diarrhea lasted well over 2 weeks.

i'm at a loss sometimes with this little one.  especially now that she just started teething.  she gets so unhappy.  it makes me so very thankful that she is such a good kid.  i DO NOT know how moms deal with colicky babies who cry for hours, days, weeks, and months on end.

i just don't know that i could do it.

so, to close, i'll "dedicate" this post to all those moms who have had to endure more than most, and who really must have the patience of a saint.

big ups.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

yeah, another post about how i don't post anymore.  i know i know.  shoot me.

i have been busy with some new things lately, as well as some old:

this past weekend was blogher@home, and i had the most spectacular time with mah ladies.  @PrincessJenn you were and are so very amazing for putting so much time and effort into the whole weekend.  you were there before, during, and after (some of) the co-hosts  you asked to help you with the party.

i am super thankful to have met some of the mommas that i regularly tweet with, and way thankful to have met even more that i didn't.  

my especial...yes especial new friend, @themommytsunami came out from under her rock in order to make an appearance, and we ended up becoming fast friends to the point where we were drunk texting, then talking on the phone, then going to blogher10 together.  that's right - our tickets are bought, bitches!

next, we are looking to buy a house in the very near future.  it is so very hard to find something that we like that the bf's dad agrees with.  he knows all about houses and construction and the like, so is very very picky about what we find.  we had a house that we loved, and were ready to make an offer on it, but the bf dad suggested (my dad did too) for us to lowball them, even though the house was listed below market price.  well, we put in our bid for about 8k less than we had originally planned, and guess what?  we lost the house to a higher bidder!  FMITA.  back to the drawing board.  *sigh*

finally, c lo is teething like CRAZY, so you know what that means: one extremely unhappy baby.  this ends soon, right?  no?  shit.


yup - so i am off this entire week, and so far i have done nothing but carry chloe around and shop for houses.  good times.

at least i have my loves to keep me company (via text and twitter)

lurve yous.


Monday, July 13, 2009

nothing to see here...part deux

i have nothing to report.

ok, i do, but i have little to no time in the day to sit down and type out a whole paragraph.  either that or i am incredibly lazy.  seeing as how my apartment is a mess and i'm watching the home run derby instead of cleaning, let's just say i'm not super motivated right now.

i'm working a new job watching a 4mo.  i really enjoy it, but do miss my other kids a LOT.  like...a whole lot.  but i am making more money, which is great, and i still get to bring baby girl with me.

working this new job provides me with a stable income, which has allowed us to finally decide to start looking into buying a house.  that is really exciting for me, cuz it is one more thing that i never thought i would do in my life.  in case you missed it, the first thing that i never thought would happen was having a kid.  and lo and behold, here is chloe!  i am so glad we decided to make a baby, and i cannot wait to have a house for her with a yard and dogs!

when the hell did i become so domesticated?

we also bought ourselves a new bed.  a king size simmons pillow-top mattress.  i'm so stoked on that, too, cuz i have never, in all my years, owned a new bed.  never.  let's just say that my last bed was passed down from my father, who got it from his parents.  yes, they slept on it, passed it to my dad, who then gave it to me.  the condition of this bed was awful....and i don't even want to think what i might find if i took a black-light to it.  *shudder*

i'm thinking about splurging on new sheets, too.

chloe's reflux has gotten pretty bad again, but the increase in meds seems to be helping for the time being.  i'm hoping this is the end of her troubles.  can't complain, though. if reflux is the worst of her troubles then i am a happy happy momma.

i love my honey so very much, and am still so grateful that i have such an amazing man in my life.  he blows me away each and every day with the amount of love he has for this little girl.

i truly am a lucky girl.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Me, Keith, & Chloe with godparents Mark & Lauren

nothing to see here...


I haven't felt much like writing lately.  Things have been changing so much, which adds to my anxiety levels like you wouldn't believe.  The added anxiety (along w/ inadequate thyroid meds) made me quite a bit depressed, so yup....silent Sara.

Molly (who I nanny for) lost her job.  Actually, she got fired for being pregnant, and is suing the company.  Regardless, I no longer have a job with them.  Sure, I'll fill in now and again, but no steady work.

Luckily a new job opportunity presented itself - nannying - and I'll make A LOT more money, but I do NOT like change.  Well, not true.  I like SOME change.  Moving to a new house, moving to a new state, going on vacation, buying new furniture...these kinds of change are GOOD.
Starting a new job, stopping for gas at a new gas station, having to use (and find) the bathroom at a new bar....SCARY changes.

I've been known to "hold it" if I can't see the bathroom in plain sight.  There's just something about wandering around, not knowing where the bathroom is that freaks me out.

Chloe's been great for my anxiety, though.  As long as I have her with me, things are a lot easier to deal with.  I can distract myself by talking to her.  

This wasn't the case, however, when I took her to the new doctor for the first time.  She was a sleep, I was full from lunch, and I had to enter a new building and locate a new office inside.  When I finally found it, I spent the entire visit looking around for the closest garbage can, just in case I needed to throw up.  Yes, throw up from the anxiety.  I DO have Klonapin and Xanax to help me through these situations (on top of my high dose Zoloft), but I need to take such a large amount, I don't like taking them when I have to drive Chloe around after.  I don't FEEL too effed up, but yeah...I am.

Hopefully I don't get too bad an anxiety attack before my first day at the new job (Monday).  I sure as shit can't take meds before I show up.  After maybe - haha - but not before.  I AM very excited to start the new job, don't get me wrong....but knowing I have anxiety makes me anxious about getting anxiety.  Make sense?

Oh well - I'll just deal with it and get through it, and eventually the whole thing will be old and comfortable.  Just like me.