Thursday, May 14, 2009

oh crap

Have you ever done something terribly stupid, kept doing it, and kicked yourself in the ass after you realized what you had done?  Probably huh?  Not as much as me.

Tonight, baby girl fell asleep in her crib in a REALLY funny position, and in my excitement, I took a mozillion and one pictures.  Unfortunately, my memory card was pretty full from the videos I took before of daddy torturing c lo (he made baby dinosaur noises and she burst out in tears and screams that would rival the best horror films), so I went and deleted a bunch of pics that I had taken days before.

But wait...

something's wrong....


oh crap.

All those pictures I just deleted had not been uploaded to my computer yet.  Shit.  Ok, maybe not a big deal to YOU, dear reader, but momma is a picture nazi and wants to document every single moment of your life until she can get an awesome DSLR (that I will use and write about with reckless love an abandon as soon as said camera is in my loving momma arms).  

So, my sweet baby girl, let me tell you what I just deleted:  You had slid over from a sitting, or rather leaning, cuz you can't sit up yet) position, and were laying on your side, slightly propped up on one arm and elbow, like you were posing or modeling like a 50's style pin-up girl a la Bettie Page (but w/out the raunchiness or bondage).  Ok, nothing like Bettie Page then.  

Anyways, your daddy made you grin the HUGEST grin, and I got the perfect shot on film...or memory card.  Whatever.  I got about half a dozen of those little babies, along with one of you crying.  Precious...and priceless.  And memories I want to keep forever.  But wait. Momma is a dumbass and just deleted them ALL.

I'm sorry baby girl.  I'll just have to recreate the moment tomorrow: dress you up in your dirty clothes, push you over until you catch yourself perfectly, and paste a smile on that pretty little mug of yours. And if that doesn't work, I guess I can use crayons.  =/


  1. ah, i so know what you mean! i did this the other day when i was taking pics for my brother's college graduation and deleted a bunch of magoo pics that i wasn't sure if i had uploaded or not... but it turns out that i had... but the panic. i understand the panic.