Friday, May 29, 2009

It's been awhile since I actually wrote anything of substance, so I thought it would be a good time to talk to my baby girl:

Hi Chloe monster!  My little C-lo, clo clo, monkey moo!  Your daddy and I have a million names for you, but those are our favorites.  =)

I cannot believe how much you have grown.  I swear, just last week you were bobbling your little head around when we pulled you up from a laying position.  Now, you are as sturdy as a sunflower at the top of its stem.  Ok, maybe your head is not *that* big, but its pretty awe inspiring!  Right now, at 4.5 months, you are off the charts in length (soooooo long!), but in the lower 30th percentile for weight.  You are going to be a tall drink of water when you grow up, just like your dadddy!  We are counting on you to use your height and looks to make tons of bank to take care of mommy and daddy forever. Soooo, maybe be a supermodel?  j/k!   Ok ok, or be a doctor, veterinarian, actuary, artist.  Whatever your precious heart desires.  You can be a stay at home mom, a dogwalker, or even a nanny like your momma.  Just do what makes you happy baby girl.  That's all we want for you.  You can stay at home as long as you want, but don't be surprised when we smother you with hugs and kisses every day.

Daddy might scare off a few of your boyfriends, but that's just b/c he loves you so much and only cares about your safety.  But don't worry...we will have PLENTY of secrets, and I'm sure there will be more than a few times where I let you do things you aren't supposed to do, w/o telling your dad.  But don't get me in trouble, and ALWAYS promise you'll call me if you are in any kind of trouble.

I was lucky - my dad made it very easy for me to go out and do pretty much whatever I wanted, and instilled in me the proper values so that I made good decisions when I was out.  If I made a mistake or got myself into a sticky situation, I always knew that I could call him, w/o worry of getting yelled at, and he would help me figure things out.  I hope that things will be that way between us.  

When you were little...about 2 months old, your daddy and I got tattoos of your name on us.  Mine on my neck, his on his chest.  We got them in celebration of YOU.  Your birth, your life, and our excitement of our future relationship with you.  I had a fleeting thought of "what if we grow apart?  What if we have a falling out?"  And that scared me a bit b/c of my history with my mother.  I haven't talked to her in 13 years, and I have no interest in doing so today.  It makes me sad that we have so few family members...your grandpa, myself, and your aunt elissa.  Oh, and your cousin Micah!  Who knows if your aunt's husband Mike will still be around when you are old enough to read this.  I really hope that he isn't cuz he is a huge tool.  Yes, a tool.  (That word will probably be obsolete in a few years lol)
But...we have your dad's side of the family, which is great.  Your grandpa and grandma M love you sooooo much, and have been there, doting over you from the moment you were born.  They always ask to see you, and miss you when they haven't for awhile.  Your whole family...including your extended family: Uncle Mark & Aunt Lauren, Uncle Jay, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Gail....are all SO in love with you, you have no idea!
They love you because you are ours, because you are beautiful, always happy, quick to share a smile, and so amazingly easy-going.  I never knew raising a baby could be so easy.  While you are only 4.5 months old, your daddy and I can't even remember life before you, and we can't bring ourselves to fathom life w/out you.

So baby girl, stay healthy and happy, and as perfect as you are now.  I have no doubt that you will continue to being us more joy than we ever thought possible.  

You are our world, and always will be.

Love,  Mom


  1. Awwwww... that is such an awesome letter. Definitely something to keep and show her when she's older.

  2. Oh this was soo sweet. She will so enjoy reading this when she is older and knowing how much her mommy and her daddy love her. =-)

  3. Awww..that is so sweet. She will definitely know she is LOVED

  4. Isn't it amazing how quickly they can wrap you around their little fingers? It's what life is all about!