Saturday, May 2, 2009


FYI I have horrible horrible anxiety, and am on some pretty strong meds for it.  I'll blog about my awesome anxiety later, but for now I'm just writing to note that my meds seem to be "wearing off" even though I am on the strongest dose of one and high dose of the other.  Soooo....I'm starting to go through SSRI discontinuation syndrome.  The worst parts are the vertigo and electric shocklike feelings in my head and hands.  

Time to switch meds again =(  In the meantime, I apologize to my boyfriend for the monster that may be unleashed in the meantime.  =P

p.s. I got some Heineken LIGHT today in deference to my diet/exercise program.  Go me.

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  1. grrr... i hear ya with the anxiety man. totally hear ya. sending you lots of luck.