Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why I love 12-4

So, a little background on me:  I am a 30 yr old (OMG) girl (yes, I still call myself a girl) with a 3 month old baby girl named Chloe and a live in boyfriend who is her father.  No, I have no plans to get married, but who knows...  I work as a nanny for 3 kids: 2, 3, and 6.  The 2 year old is Allie, short for Alexandra, and she is such a girlie girl, I love it!  

The 3 yr old is Ethan, and I swear he is going to be a football player when he grows up!  He is such a rough and tumble little kid.  He can run into a wall head first and not even complain when he gets a huge lump.


Brandon, on the other hand, is a very sensitive 6 yr old.  He is easily upset by things and likes to tattle on his brother and sister (his brother especially).  Still, he is my big helper, and I don't know what I would do without him!

Every day at 12 pm, Brandon hops on the bus to school, and Allie goes down for her nap.  Sooooo..... all I have to do is get little Clo clo to nap, and my afternoon is easy peasy pumpkin pie!  Hooray!  Right now, Chloe is kicking away in the swing, and Ethan is keeping himself entertained with Thomas the Train videos, so I am a happy girl.  =)  I just made some yummy pasta salad, and washed it down with water mixed with apple juice.  I always mix in order to get enough water in my diet each day.  And YES, I am dieting!!!  Just watching my caloric intake in order to get those baby pounds off.  20 down, 20 (at least) to go!!!  Wait, maybe I shouldn't use exclamation points for that last one.

Uh oh - have to wipe a bottom.  Duty calls!  ;-)   

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  1. That is so awesome that you can take your little sweetie with you. And looks like your "other" kids are awesome... =-)