Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hello hello - I am new to blogging, but wanted to start now as a diary of sorts for myself and for my little girl, Chloe, who is now 3 months old.  I recently read about Maddie's story, and it hit way to close to home, and I have to say, made me quite emotional.  While Chloe was not born prematurely, she had a lot of health issues and complications at birth.  

Due to my water breaking early, and labor taking so damn long, even with pitocin, I ended up getting an infection in my uterus which passed into Chloe's blood stream.I had a 102 fever giving birth, and baby girl came out not breathing and completely unresponsive.  She had an apgar score of 3, if that gives you an idea of what it was like.  I got to hold her for a second (she had no muscle tone) before they coded her and a swarm of doctors and nurses whisked her away.  

Later that day, I got to see my little girl in the NICU, but only after she was stabilized.  Her oxygen levels were low (in the low 80's) whenever she was touched or moved, so she had to remain under a warm light on oxygen and monitored.  Not the way I pictured our first moments or days together.

 Finally, the next evening, Chloe was brought to my room so she could nurse, but after a few minutes she began hiccuping and turned blue.  Back to the NICU she went.  During this whole time, she was on antibiotics for her blood infection, which kept her pretty zonked out.  She looked awful, but she was my precious baby and I knew she would be ok.  On the 3rd day, she seemed better, and was able to room with me.  The doctors came in and gave me a lecture on what to look for in a baby that has trouble breathing: flared nostrils, sunken chest, bluish tinge...and said we could go home the next day.  I was excited to go home and get Chloe in a calmer environment.  

 I didn't leave her side for 2 weeks lol.  When I finally did, I told my bf that if he wasn't sure about ANYTHING (regarding her health) call 911.  I know infant & toddler CPR, but he hadn't taken a class yet so was a little nervous.    Needless to say, everything went well, and she thrived!  

Her weight is still in the lowest percentile (she has gained 3 lbs in 3 months) but she is getting loooooong!  Can you believe she still fits into her newborn clothes (even some preemie!) at 3 months?  I can't wait to get her in some 0-3 mo clothing that we have.  I'm tired of the smaller stuff already!

 Ok, off to bed for the night.  Tomorrow I'll write about our bad experience with clinic doctors and a 3 day stay in the hospital b/c of undiagnosed pneumonia  complicated by the flu AND rsv.  Amazing.


Love to all, especially Maddie and her family. 

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  1. Hi there, what a little sweetheart you have!!Congrats she is adorable. Sorry to hear about your rough start but don't worry about that its just apart of who she is now and that makes her just a little more unique and precious.
    @momentbymoment1 from twitter here:)
    Fee x