Wednesday, July 13, 2011


...was such a  great day! It started off as a bust - bladder pain, morning catheterization and lidocaine instillation - but quickly turned around.

The weather was beautiful.

The boys I nanny were on their best behavior.

Clo was in a good mood (she must have gotten enough sleep!)

We all hung out at the pool and park for hours.

Then I got to come home, relax, and have the pint of Guinness that I had been thinking about all day.

well hello there, my delicious friend!

It's the little things.

What a great day =)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Smartie Pants makes Cents

Today, Clo and I took some of her outgrown clothes up to the local children's resale shop.  Smartie Pants, located on Bagley Rd. in Berea, is a great little place for parents and their kids.
The whole concept behind the store is to sell gently used clothing, toys, and other children's items, as well as to buy upcoming season apparel.  I took in a bunch of clothes, and came out with a nice little chunk of change!  You can also turn right back around and use that money to purchase clothes, school uniforms, books, or baby items that you might need.
Clo and I usually give her old clothes away, or donate them to the Salvation Army, but this season we decided to give Smartie Pants a shot.
The owner was very friendly, and remembered us from our previous visit to her store. She accepted our  box of clothes, and promised to have them sorted within an hour.  Sure enough, I received a call from her less than 40 minutes later, with an explanation as to what she decided to keep, and the total amount of the sale.
We stopped back to pick the clothes up a short time later, and walked away with some piggy bank (or ice cream truck!) money for Chloe, and the rest of her clothes, which I will bring back when they are buying for winter.
I love the concept of this store. The clothing items are all around $3-5 dollars (some more, some less), and the store isn't cluttered with clothes from every season, like you might find at a thrift store or other second hand shop.  There are strollers, books, toys, crib name it, they have it!  A fantastic place for parents on a budget.
And for people like myself who buy far too many clothes for their child (I just found at least half a dozen shirts that she outgrew, still with the tags on) this is a great opportunity to make a few dollars for yourself or your child. No sense in letting all those clothes go to waste.
The best part about the store: all the clothes were clean and fresh.  They don't just accept any old item here. Even though a dress might only cost $5, you know it is quality and it will last until you are ready to bring it back to Smartie Pants next season!

You can find Smartie Pants here.

***I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. I just wanted to share a great place I found near my home, with other parents in the area.***

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Throw this dog a Nylabone

In case you didn't know, I have three dogs.


One is a pit mix, one is a american bulldog/dane, and the last is a st. bernard.  These dogs go through rawhide bones like nobody's business.  We literally would buy 10-12 each week, and they would be gone in a day or two.  Each dog can chew through an extra large rawhide bone in a matter of minutes.

I figured this cannot be good for their digestive systems, so we went ahead and bought a Nylabone to see how it would fare with our shark toothed canines. I think we bought the extra-large, indestructible one. It was less than $10.

Marilyn tries to steal the Nylabone from Clyde

That was about 2 months ago.

And the bone still exists.

The best part? Other than the fact that I don't have to fork over $10-20 each WEEK for rawhide? (Yes, that IS a minimal savings of $80 in 2 months.) As the bone gets chewed, little bristles raise up on the surface of the Nylabone, and actually clean your dog's teeth.

And our dogs LOVE them.  We now have one for each dog, and the bones are almost completely intact.  They chew on them daily.  ALL DAY, actually, and the bones show very little sign of wear and tear.

I have to say, I am truly a convert.


***I have not been asked to write this post, nor have I been compensated in any way. I love my dogs and wanted to share this awesome product with you!***

Friday, June 24, 2011

gross comparison of things unrelated:

SOMEONE recently posted about weight issues, and I myself take issue with their last blog entry.
In the post, they seemingly compare being overweight with being gay.

Come on now.  Are you REALLY going to make this comparison? Are you REALLY going to say that being overweight is not at all a choice, just like being gay is not a choice?

Because I just don't buy that.

I have struggled with weight issues ever since my hysterectomy, and have done pretty much everything possible to lose the pounds put on due to hormones and inactivity.  I diet, I exercise, I changed up my meds. But still, the weight stays on.  It isn't my fault, right?  How can I be responsible for something which is so out of my control such as my body chemistry.  I can't just TURN IT ON AND OFF, can I?


But guess what?  I can exercise MORE.  I can eat even healthier.  I can see a nutritionist, personal trainer, dietician.  There are so many things that I CAN do, but that I'm TOO lazy to do.

And I own it.  I own that laziness.

But don't sit there and compare being overweight to being gay.  I can't eat healthier and lose a little gay.  Exercise more and drop a few pounds of gayness.  THERE AREN'T DOCTORS OUT THERE WHO SPECIALIZE IN TREATING HOMOSEXUALITY.

How dare you.

Your blog may be YOUR space, but it damn well does NOT give you the right to spout out ignorant statements like this.

Shame on you.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

remember that episode...

....of South Park where everybody eventually buys hybrid cars and become so full of themselves and self righteous, they start sniffing their own farts because they smell soooooo good?

Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by people like that. Not in real life. But in the blogging/tweeting world. What can possibly make a person feel and BELIEVE they are so much better than others around them? How to people fall for this and start following them...believing them...believing IN them? They become minions in the hopes that one day they can attain something close to the same level of popularity.

I call it the circle jerk theory. (well, a friend really coined the term, but i'm stealing it as my own.)
it kind of goes like this:

Fart sniffer 1: omg i am SO awesome!

FS 2: omg yes you are!

FS 1: omg thanks! YOU are awesome, too!

FS 2: you are AWESOME for saying that!

FS 3: you are BOTH awesome! look how awesome they are, everybody!!! *takes deep sniff*

and so on, and so forth.

I haven't been able to read blogs or my twitter stream lately because it is full of SMUG.

SMUG is polluting my stream. It is choking out all the worthwhile conversation and bits of information, and I really can't take it anymore.

And then comes KLOUT.  Really? I start getting friend requests up the ass because having more followers increases your KLOUT score. You aren't my friend. You don't even want to pretend to be my friend. But you want me as your follower because I BOOST your numbers. I add to your KLOUT.

Yes, I have to type KLOUT in caps b/c it just annoys me THAT much.

How successful are you in your own little world? How much influence do YOU have?

What all of this boils down to is: HOW POPULAR ARE YOU??????

And that, my friends, is the crux of this post.  Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIn, whatever...has turned into THE biggest sham of a popularity contest circle jerk that I have ever seen.

I have a few close friends.  They tell me the truth. And my input means something to them. I'm not just a number. I'm not just a KLOUT score.

And I sure as hell am not going to start sniffing my own farts anytime soon.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i'm just gonna say it

women are MUCH worse drivers than men.

and teenagers.  don't get me started.

we don't need to be: texting, talking on the phone, eating, putting on make-up, or shaving while driving.

take note: suv's and mini vans have pretty BIG blind spots.  that means that while you may not see me, i may very well be there. so LOOK before changing lanes.

when did making a green light take precedence over our safety and the safety of our children?


and for the love of all things holy, don't give me that little wave like i let you in after you cut me off so dramatically, i have to slam on my brakes.  it just pisses me off more.

yeah. i said it.

men are better drivers.